Victoria Food Tour

Victoria has a multitude of delectable restaurants to choose from, but how do you possibly choose and how do you know where to start? 

Join Victoria Food Tours on a guided, culinary walking adventure while taking in the sights and sounds of Victoria. Learn from the Chef's themselves while introducing your tastebuds to new flavours and textures of the local fare. 

This tour is $60 per person

  • Enjoy a guided and fully narrated tour of some of Victoria's best kept culinary secrets
  • Tours start at 1:30pm daily, check in at the Sticky Wicket Pub Hostess Stand
  • Tour is 2 hours in duration
  • Visit 6 - 8 different and unique locations

Space is limited. Reservations are required and should be made at least 48 hours in advance. Please book directly with the hotel at 1-800-561-6565. 
Prices do not include taxes or gratuities.